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“Working with Judy and the inKlein team is an easy decision! First, Judy’s background in vaccines means that she understands our team’s objectives and the very restricted environment we operate in. And secondly, I always know that I just need to set direction and step back: Judy will meet all of the milestones and deadlines, and I will hear from her often enough to ensure we are on track. She and the team are able to grasp direction and work independently, even with ambiguous data and circumstances.”

– Amanda, Marketing Channel Lead


“I engaged inKlein to help build and refine several key elements of customer insight and segmentation as part of an annual strategic planning process. Judy was able to rapidly assess and understand the company’s new strategic planning requirements and customer-oriented organizational structure. She identified the areas where inKlein could offer concrete deliverables and prepared a timely proposal that leveraged not only strong general experience in the specialty area, but also sophisticated understanding of data sources, techniques for segmentation and insight development, and excellent collaboration principles. The project deliverables were timely, high quality and—most importantly—inKlein’s work helped strengthen the foundation of customer knowledge upon which to build execution plans. In sum, the project was successful and I would happily work with inKlein again.”

– Jane, Vice President of Marketing


“When I had the opportunity to bring in Judy to work with my team, I grabbed it. Not only does she have a tremendous background in working within a regulated environment, she also understands how to be an innovative thinker. I can brief Judy on what my business goals are, and she will come back with different ways to accomplish those goals. Because of the rich experience she has—including a wide range of marketing roles—she understands how important it is to keep the focus on the customer, discover what they are looking for, and then figure out how to help us deliver based on that. Judy is the right combination of strategic and tactical. You often meet people who are one or the other, but finding someone who can do both things is rare, and it’s what distinguishes Judy and the entire team at inKlein.”

– Lee Ann, Vice President, Meningococcal Vaccines Franchise


“We needed a partner to help develop and implement marketing and sales strategy for new, growing market segments in adult immunization. inKlein is truly the only consulting group with the experience and knowledge to produce marketing and sales strategy and operations support for traditional and emerging segments of the vaccines market.  Working with Judy and her team is a pleasure: they’re with you every step of the way, from inception to planning to development to implementation, execution, and measurement.  And they always meet their deadlines with more than you had hoped for.”

– Mark, Senior Marketing Manager


“One of the things that sets Judy apart is that she brainstorms with her colleagues/customers to truly understand the business questions and challenges—and then she creatively designs ways to address the questions, always digging deeper to uncover the underlying issues. For example, one of the creative solutions Judy brought to my team was to paint a picture of what our ultimate customer looks like, based on her primary and secondary research. These portraits were very compelling and really helped the team connect with who our customer is. The overall experience of working with Judy and her team is very rewarding. Not only does she have a keen knowledge of the business, she also knows how to keep things moving. I never have to worry that the project will get off-track. And I know that the deliverable will exceed my expectations every time.”

– Lynda, Sr. Director Business Insights & Operations


“I saw the output of a project that Judy led that involved helping our organization learn about different segments within a specific segment. It was somewhat of an unwieldy task, with many moving parts and pieces. What really struck me is how Judy was able to take extremely complex information and distill it down into very simple terms, so that people in the organization—many of whom did not have a marketing background—could easily grasp it. Because of Judy’s work, our organization was better able to make strategic choices about where to focus, how to work with the targed segments, and how to allocate budgets.”

– Annemarie, Brand Senior Director


“Judy has gathered a first-class team of professionals—all of whom have a wealth of industry experience. The inKlein team applies their strategic intelligence to the toughest business problems, and emerges with creative, yet feasible solutions. But it’s not just how well Judy and her team know the industry: it’s also how adept they are at helping their clients understand and meet customer needs. Throughout the whole process of working together, inKlein never lost the focus on the customer. The customer truly drove everything.”

– Linda, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice-President


“Judy is unique in that she blends strategic insight with top-notch skills in qualitative and quantitative research. I know that I can work with her to frame out a strategic vision, and that when she conducts the research, she will come back with recommendations that are in line with our strategic objectives. Judy stands out for her ability to deftly get at the business implications of market research. She is able to look at the possibilities, challenge the team, and then give recommendations that have a positive and real impact on our business.”

– Barry, Senior Manager, Marketing


“Judy has the experience and expertise to put herself in her customer’s shoes to tackle their challenges with creativity—while staying within restrictive regulatory requirements. She is a strong team leader and manager who brings a qualified and diverse group of individuals to the table for a deep base of knowledge and a seamless experience in meeting client’s goals. I would highly recommend her as a key addition to any team looking for an efficient solution to market research challenges.”

– Betty, Vice President of Business Development


“In working with Judy I am consistently impressed with her professionalism and competence, while she is at the same moment personable and fully attentive to my needs. I can always be confident in my interactions with Judy that the experience will be pleasant and the outcome will meet a high standard.”

– Tom,  Vice President, Policy, Public Health, and Medical Affairs