Our story doesn’t really start with us. It starts with other people.

Like people who need better access to the vaccines that keep them healthy or the therapies that help them be well again.

Our story is built around them, and it’s built around you. Because inKlein Consulting, LLC shares a vision with you. Like you, we believe that everyone should get to be part of the success stories preventive and therapeutic healthcare offer. It’s why founder Judy Klein started inKlein in 2006, as a boutique firm specializing in customer insights, marketing planning, and operations.

Since then, inKlein has worked closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers on everything from innovative pilots and marketing new products to developing strategies and gaining insight into the expanding healthcare provider marketplace. Vaccines have been a particular passion for inKlein. Helping companies create programs that ensure greater access to vaccines goes to our vision for a healthier world.

But what we’re really good at is helping our clients determine the gap between the present state of things and their goals—and then figuring out how to close that gap.

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