How will you make it happen?

Moving from customer insights to solutions is fraught with challenges, from organizational constraints … to over-sized workloads that make it difficult to progress … to a lack of resources.

inKlein helps you identify market growth opportunities and develop plans to capture them. We help you delve into new markets to expand access for your products. In fact, we work across a broad range of customer segments, such as Payors (Health Plans, Employers), Health Systems (Integrated Delivery Networks), Medical Groups, Retailers, Public Health (Federal, Departments of Health), and Long Term Care (Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities).

In other words, we help healthcare organizations figure out what actions will help them reach their business objectives across new and traditional markets.


Once the strategy is in place, we can help with Operational Planning, or translating that strategy into action in a concrete, straightforward, and comprehensive way. Operational Planning involves outlining target audience, measurable objectives, programs and services, performance measurement, and timelines.

Once all of your stakeholders are on board, we can help roll out the plan through innovative marketing initiatives.

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