Michael Goldstein, M.D.

Medical Expert

Dr. Mike Goldstein has always enjoyed taking care of patients. But what really excites him is public health, particularly dealing with programmatic issues and issues of access. That passion for the greater good is something inKlein shares as well.

Mike contributes his medical expertise in a variety of ways. As an example, Mike was part of the team that helped create vaccine programs for companies with an eye toward preventive care for their employees.

Mike earned both his Medical degree and his M.P.H. in Environmental Sciences from Columbia University. He is board certified in both Internal and Preventive Medicine, and he is on the faculty of the Columbia University School of Public Health as well as the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine. He’s authored numerous occupational health studies in peer reviewed medical journals, and consulted on a wide range of legal cases (including some cases related to the movie Erin Brockovitch).

Mike’s goal is to help people minimize disease and maximize life. To that end, he enjoys kayaking on the Delaware River, riding his bike, and keeping up with his four teenage children.